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San Luis Day 3 May 25, 2010

Today we all learned what 5 a.m. looks like.  In an effort to make it to the cloud forest before all of the Quetzal stalkers we got up super early, chowed down some breakfast (guess what...rice and beans!) and drove to the forest.  Evidently we failed and arrived in tourist town bright and early.  Luckily Tania knew where to go and we hiked up to the continental divide.  Some of us saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time!  Along the way we saw/ heard grey breasted wood wrens, slate throated red stars, the common bush tanager, black face solitary, scale crested pygmy tyrant, cyclanthacae, black guans, green hermit hummingbirds, a crab, hot lips a.k.a. whore lips a.k.a. the mother-in-law, spangle cheek tanager, and a few lucky people got to see the resplendant quetzal!  It was awesome!    We also got to trounce through some elfin forest.  Here we decided to blend in with the elves and rocked elephant ear leaves as beards because everyone knows elves have beards.  Along the way there were a bunch of millepedes that when shaken emit a cyanide gas.   Cat made us all take a big ol’ waft and I’m sure Richard will want one for his birthday along with the mirror beetle he saw on the way in (a $20 value).  Perhaps it was because Tania is super speedy or maybe it was because Cat didn’t sample EVERY tree we passed we wound up finishing a little early and got to stop by a Cheese Factory.  After having lunch with some very colorful hummingbirds we headed off to the Monteverde Cheese factory.  It was no cabot, but they did have some delicious ice cream Guanbana ice cream two thumbs up!  Mango ice cream...not so much.    

    Then to add to our day of tourism we went ZIP LINING!  After some serious arm twisting we even convinced Cat and Elora to join.  There was an awful lot of nervous jabbering going on before the first line, but judging from the pictures of everyone there was nothing but smiles.  Then there was a fun little surprise half-way through, something called the tarzan swing.  Rose was first to discover what this was when then shoved her off the edge.  Basically it was a fun game our sassy tico tour guides liked to play also known as strap the gringo to a rope and shove them off of high objects.  Rose’s shock response was almost as great as Cat’s.  The general consensus was that this was the coolest thing ever and I’m pretty sure Carl would “do it again RIGHT NOW!”  Kaitlyn is probably still laughing about it.  We finished up the zip line and then headed back to our cabinas. On the drive back it appeared as though we were actually driving through a cloud.    

    When we returned our groups presented the data collected yesterday.  This was a good thing because I feel as though people may have started rockin’ fanny packs and  commendeered the bus to go to the beach if we didn’t get back to the research.  We ended by having a celebratory shindig (hooray real clothing!).

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