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Palo Verde Day 2

Palo Verde Day 2, May 18th


Started off the day with birding.  We saw a Jabiru, whistling ducks, jacanus, blue heron, mexican tiger heron, snow and cattle egret, turkey vulture, grove billed ani, white ibis, stork, plover, greater yellow leg, a brown dove, hoffman woodpeckers, and scarlet macaws.

Then we had Rafael take us on a natural history walk. We saw oriole nests, dung beetles, and acacia trees with ants. It started to get hotter, and we climbed up a calcareous rock face. “La Roca.” We had a great view of the wetlands from up there, and saw some orchids on the rocks.  It was incredibly hot at this point, and we all needed to come back to the air conditioned room to recover from our heat stroke.

Once we were rested and ate lunch we started to practice some plant identification before heading out into the field to do Gentry transects. This process was a pain. The cutters were not sharp at all, and moving them through the jungle was quite difficult.  From there, a few of us went with Tania, our T.A., to set up some mist nets to capture birds.  After having little luck cutting branches, we retired back to the classroom to identify our Gentry transect plants.  This proved to be fairly difficult, but after dinner we were back out again for a night walk.  Despite the clouds of insects swarming around our headlamps, the walk was gorgeous, with thunder and lightning illuminating the sky.  In the middle of the walk, we encountered (and nearly trampled) what we think was a boa constrictor. But no worries, everyone (including the snake) came out alive. After a downpour of rain, we checked out the insect lights, which were covered in gorgeous moths and other cool insects.  But soon, we were getting covered in moths, so we called it a night. 

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