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Cuericí Day 2

After  a long day of hiking, failed tree rigging attempts, and adjustment to high altitude, the team needed an easy day.

The insect team set out their traps, but the rest of us worked on papers...sort of. It was more like write a sentence then play a few games of free cell.

Following lunch, several of us finally broke out our cleats and sneakers for a soccer match. Our mad skills were apparent as we saved the ball from barbed wire and urticaceous shrubs. We were all winners, since the game ended in a tie.

Before dinner, Carlos gave us a tour of his trout farm. He has the only hatchery in Costa Rica not run by the government.  During our walk, we had another quetzal sighting!! Following this distraction, Carlos introduced us to tomorrow’s lunch: several gigantic trout. He then proceeded to kill them with his bare hands. Truly a rugged woodsman. Steffan and Tommy helped, but didn’t quite have the same touch as Carlos.

The evening was spent once again writing papers and learning more life lessons from Cat. Tomorrow perhaps we’ll have more energy.

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