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Arenal and La Selva

Today was filled with eating and sitting as we drove from Monteverde to La Selva, Costa Rica’s premier lowland biological station, next to the town of puerto viejo. Along the way we saw some beautiful countryside and Sheila ate moldy cake. The first four hours brought us to the city of La Fortuna, located in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano and created in response to the massive tourism generated by the mountain’s most recent eruption. We ate lunch here and were able to be as close to tourists as a group of smelly ecology students can be.

The two hours between La Fortuna and La Selva were very exciting as we watched the forest composition slowly change down the elevational gradient. 

Once at La Selva we settled in and ate a predictable yet delicious dinner. We then took an incredibly exciting introductory night hike through a small part of La Selva’s property. Right off the bat we saw Caimans, rare frogs, way cool insects and a few lizards. We are so amazingly stoked for all that this place has to show us. 

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