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Departments of Biology & Environmental Studies, Colgate University ccardelus'at'

Field Crew May 2016, Amhara, Ethiopia!

I am interested in one of ecology's fundamental questions: what are the patterns of biodiversity? As well as in one of today's most pressing questions: how will biodiversity respond to a changing environment? I use multiple ecological approaches to better understand the factors that control species richness and distribution. I have conducted studies on microclimate, large scale regional and local floristic inventories, and species, community, ecosystem and phylogenetic-level processes. 

I have three longterm research projects, all which examine anthropogenic impacts on forest ecosystem:

Costa Rica: We study the impacts of predicted increases in pollution on the rainforest canopy experimentally.

Ethiopia: We have an interdisciplinary team studying the conservation of isolated church forests in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

Adirondacks, New York: We study the effects of liming on plant productivity and soil processes.

Hear about my research here and teaching here. Colgate Faculty Profile

Classic! Students working hard in Costa Rica! 

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